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Somya Ramrakhyani



Empowering you to live happily.

Pure Meditations. True Results.


Live happier & feel calmer with powerful meditation & breathwork classes. Integrate meditation easily in your life with personalized guidance & pure techniques. Get grounded, find balance & discover ease.

You are valuable. Take care of yourself!

“Somya offers clear guidance, an effortless flow. Her presence alone soothes my anxiety. I appreciate the simplicity in her words & method, & how accessible it is for everyone. Every time I make time for Somya's mediation, I am glad I did.  Thank you, Somya, for your beautiful 30-minute meditations -- they always make my day better.” - Priyanka Shah, Freelance writer

Whether you are dealing with change, striving for hope, looking for ways to manage anxiety or wondering how to get more energy,  you've arrived at the right place. Our meditations provide remarkably compelling and effortless ways to live a joyful and energetic life. Happiness awaits!

"I've read quite a bit of philosophy, but after one meditation with you, I had so many realizations. I realized that this is a much easier way to self awareness. Thank you”

- Clifton Davies,


"You played an instrumental role in

keeping things in perspective mentally during the pandemic. Without your guidance l don't know how l would've been. You kept me sane & grounded during the worst time in my life. I may have had a nervous breakdown if l hadn't met you. My health is stable & I'm in a

better place in life."

- Serena Miles, Musician

"I’m so glad that I found you. My blood pressure has normalized  from high 140s with twice a week meditation with you. And I am feeling much better with your classes"

- Janet Panco, Grandma

"Meditation sessions with Somya have opened a new dimension in our personal routines. Clearly her passion and dedication is reflected in her work. For anyone who has not tried it before, we would highly recommend. Lack of meditation in our routines stops us reaching our full potential."

- Dr. Jha, Pediatrician


I am a pediatrician & a meditation teacher. My life purpose is to help everyone live a full, vibrant, joyous life... including you.

I am grateful for my personal meditation practice which enlivens & uplifts me even after 20 years. It is my practice that allows me to share the deep silence I experience in my meditation effortlessly with my students from the very first time we meditate together.

I  blend the scientific understanding of the human mind & body with the ancient principles of breath work & meditation. Using this dual knowledge, I tailor-make a practice for you that serves you the best.

I am here to empower you to live an extraordinary life, abundant with unconditional happiness, driven by purpose, brimming with energy & complete with genuine connections with others & yourself.


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