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When you discover yourself, you find that you are the source of all happiness and all love. You become alive, awakened to each moment, and established in a joy unaffected by events and time. Meditation transformed me. I discovered an inner strength, confidence, creativity, contentment, and joy that I didn't know existed.

My passion in life is to help you discover your joy through meditation and wisdom.

No matter if you are starting your journey or looking for the next step in your practice, I can help you go deeper, become calmer, and live happier. 

I make available ancient mental health practices in their authenticity, and skillfully guide you to effortless transcendence, so you can quieten the mind, strengthen your spirit and bring joy into your heart.

Let's bring the best version of you to your life.

Childhood memories

As far back as I can remember, I would wonder wistfully on the meaning of life.

My mother and her learned parents who were scholarly and wise, but most importantly exemplary human beings, both quenched and stoked this wonder. My grandma was the granddaughter of Swami Shraddhanand, a revered learned saint in India. At a young age, they taught my identical twin sister and I, ancient sanskrit verses with layers of deep meaning. They shared with us the wisdom in ancient scriptures and taught us that the best way to get love is to give it.


It was by a stroke of luck that I found the Art of Living. My sister, Divya, arrived in the US before me. She attended the Art of Living Happiness Program and learnt the SKY breathing technique. I could sense a tremendous change in her right away. Inspired by her, I joined a program within a month of landing in Houston TX. I had finished my medical school in India and was here to do my masters degree in public health.

The first experience of SKY left me crying and laughing, feeling free and elated, - all at once. I felt I found the anchor I was looking for. Within weeks, I started noticing differences in how I would approach situations, how calm I was, how I was taking more responsibility for myself, how my relationships with people improved, but most profoundly with myself. 


I still wondered about life, but instead of sadness I felt happy. The futility was replaced by a sense of celebration.

Somya Ramrakhyani


As the benefits of meditation practice transformed my life, my passion to give back to the community blossomed. Within 6 months of starting my journey, I attended my first teacher training and started leading guided meditation classes for women in halfway houses in Houston.

During the Pediatric residency at at Miami Children’s Hospital, Miami FL, life was crazy and I relied heavily on my practice to keep me sane and smiling through that stressful time. Still, I made the time to lead meditation sessions for my peers, nurses and the hospital staff as much as possible.


In 2008, the same year I finished pediatric residency, I attended my second teacher training with the Art of Living Foundation to teach the acclaimed Happiness Program. I married a wonderful fellow meditation teacher, and moved to northern


My story would not be complete without talking about my teacher- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Sri Sri is a spiritual leader, a humanitarian, a voice of peace and togetherness our world so dearly needs. He cognized the SKY breathing & founded the Art of Living Foundation in 1981. Since then, the organization has grown to 150+ countries and is said to be amongst the biggest volunteer organizations globally.  


His wisdom illuminates the way to lead a busy but happy life, and find peace & contentment in chaos of everyday life. His programs and techniques have brought together people from diverse backgrounds to  create a one world family. 

New Jersey to work as a Pediatrician. My passion for teaching meditation continued to take center stage in my life.  Finally in 2011, with the support of my family, I left my medical practice and started focusing my time exclusively on promoting and teaching meditation.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Not only does he work tirelessly, he has also inspired a huge wave of volunteerism which has energized people around the world to uplift others around them through service. 


He is an example of  constant enthusiasm and passion to serve the world; how one person’s intention to bring joy to humanity can create a global movement of joy, happiness, peace, service, unity and love. More information about Sri Sri @

Wisdom & Meditation


If a pond is muddy, we can't see below the surface. It's only when the waters become still and the mud settles, that we can visualize the depths. Similarly, when the mind settles in meditation, it can begin to see its depths clearly. The behavior patterns & emotional crutches start becoming clear. Meditation also gives us the valuable clarity and energy we need to see and process our 'stuff'. 


At this point, wisdom becomes our best friend. Wisdom is the higher awareness that helps us see life in a different way. It saves our mind from emotional storms, lets us avoid the suffering when pain is unavoidable & helps us break out of stifling patterns that no longer serve us. It lets us be the best we can be - filled with kindness & compassion towards ourselves and others, living the universal values of love, friendship and forgiveness.

Wisdom is the silver lining in every grey cloud and the dazzling sun that can light up all aspects of our lives.


I integrate wisdom, - things I have learnt on my journey, things I've learnt from my teacher, and from the wise teachers of the past - into my classes. So you leave not only happier but wiser.


Today we have the opportunity to create a happier, healthier, more connected, less lonely world. We can do that building resilience and strengthening our mental health through meditation and wisdom.

The transformation starts with us.

I am here, ready to support you in this journey and stay with you throughout.

Are you ready?

Meditation Class
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