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The 4 Truths: Beacon of light in a storm

Come explore the universal truths! A limited seating event!

  • 25 US dollars
  • Online via zoom

Service Description

When the mind is in turmoil, we seek stability. We want to feel better. A truth can do that. True truth shines like a beacon in the storm, offering warmth in it's shelter & peace in it's security. A true truth is a map & a guidepost to return to peace. Come explore the universal truths that can help you deal with challenges that life throws at you with grace, love & mastery. As they say, the truth shall set you free. **What are the 4 truths?** When we are stressed, the mind is disturbed, & emotions are all mixed up, its hard to know if we can trust our own mind or heart to guide us. That's why we turn to a friend or a professional to help us understand what's happening & identify the real reason, the core learning from what we are experiencing. When we find that truth, our minds become still & heart is lighter. There is the truth of the moment, and there are universal truths that have stood the test of time. Remembering a universal, eternal truth and holding on to it during a difficult time can help us cross the storms of emotions and bring us home - to our peaceful center - where we belong. The eternal truths have stood the test of time. They shine like a beacon for us to grow in life, both outwardly in our relationships and inwardly, towards our own self. They are lighthouses that can guide us out of an internal and external conflicts and lead us towards happiness & contentment. **What is the 4 Truths workshop?** The 4 truths workshop is a safe, non judgemental place to explore the universal truths, reflect on them and then ultimately see how they apply to your life. We will do this in a safe loving community environment where you get to explor your thoughts and learn from others as well. We will also explore our personal truths. **What will I get out of this?** You will discover new ways to - Navigate difficult situations in life - Manage your mind when its stressed and disturbed - Lower your anxiety & stress and improve your sleep - Better your relationships - Become closer to your personal truth - See the world from a different perspective - Come home to your peaceful place All wisdom is ancient. Different wisdom surfaces in our life at different time, things we may have even heard before that we need to hear again. Like an old friend- the ancient wisdom in a new garb- shows up when we need it to help us move through a difficult time. Come light the blaze of wisdom in your life.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

We understand life happens. If you need to cancel, let us know at least 4 hrs before the class start time and we will transfer you to another class of your choice. If you cancel attendance less than 4 hours before class start time, you will forfeit the fees.

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Florida, USA

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