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4 science backed reasons to meditate

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

We have all heard that meditation is good for us.

There are so many benefits of meditation you can enjoy just by practicing a few minutes daily. Meditation makes you calmer, happier and energetic. It provides a much needed rest to the mind and the body.

But what does science say about meditation? If you need more reasons to include meditation in your life, here are 4 science backed benefits of meditation why you should learn how to meditate!

4 science backed reasons to meditate

1. Meditation sharpens your brain

The famous grey cells that Hercule Poirot always talked about (you know Hercule Poirot - the world's greatest fictional detective), they actually become more abundant in your brain with meditation. A study at Harvard showed that the amount of grey matter in the brain increased just after 8 weeks of meditation. The impact was seen especially in areas connected to learning, empathy, memory and emotional regulation. No wonder people who practice meditation have more compassion and emotional balance.

2. Meditation slows down aging

If you meet long time meditators, you will notice how young they look. 60 year olds look like they are in their 40s. They glow, their skin looks great and they have so much energy.

You know why? Because meditation slows down cellular aging.

The cells in our body are constantly dividing to create new skin, new blood, new gut lining etc etc. As a cell divides, so does the DNA in the cell. The DNA has little protein caps - called telomeres - at their ends, which protects them from disintegrating as the cells divide. Cells divide at a rapid rate in our body so these caps ensure the DNA stays intact as it's replicated to make a new cell. If that doesn't happen, the DNA will mutate, giving rise to diseases and problems in our body.

Several research studies show that meditators have longer telomeres than non meditators. That means that their DNA has stayed more intact compared to age related controls who don't meditate. Aging and wear and tear at cellular level is lower in people who Meditate.

Plus another benefit of Meditation is slowing of the cognitive decline as we age. People who meditate look good and stay sharper as they grow older.

3. Meditation reduces anxiety and stress

Several research studies have shown that meditation is very helpful for anxiety and reduces stress and symptoms of depression.

Numerous studies have documented benefits of Meditation for people suffering from anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression. This benefit is seen regardless of the severity of symptoms. Studies have shown that people with high anxiety levels and chronic anxiety are benefited greatly by meditation.

The benefit of meditation is almost instantaneous and it continues with practice.

And the best part- no side effects. The medications alter our body chemistry drastically. They take time to impact us plus have significant many side effects.

Meditation is free of side effects, provides relief from anxiety and stress, and it also nurtures our body and emotions. It is a safe, effective way to deal with stress and anxiety.

4. Meditation improves sleep in both quality and duration

Research has documented that the practice of meditation reduces the time it takes to fall asleep and also improves the quality of sleep. That means you sleep more and you are more rested the next day. A more rested you are, the happier and more productive you are. It’s a great way to change the quality of your day. Meditation for sleep is a great idea.

Meditation can transform your life in many positive ways. From better mental and physical health, to enhanced emotional stability & a richer spiritual life, benefits of meditation are far reaching and long lasting.

And in today’s world, it's easy to incorporate meditation in your life. You could find an app or join a guided meditation class from your home.

However, meditation is a subtle and at times, abstract experience. Sometimes its not easy to understand our experience in meditation. Am I really meditating? Or Am I just thinking?

And unsure of our experience, we often give up.

A teacher with a strong personal practice, can lead you into a guided meditation, be there to answer your questions, and help you navigate and master the subtle aspects of meditation.

With our guided meditation classes, you can experience a state of effortless relaxation and energy. You can book a 30 minute group meditation class or a contact us to arrange a private meditation class for a more personal experience.

Start your meditation journey today for better sleep, sharper brain and better health.

See you online!


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