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Worried? Here's what you can do instead!

Do you worry?

Over the years, i have noticed that I seldom worry about giant global concerns. My worries are about small things that affect my life (so seem very big to me). Also, thankfully I am not swamped by new worries each day. My worries are similar, kind of repetitive tbh.

Worrying can be irrational at times. You know you shouldn't worry, but you still do.

I find worrying drains my energy, makes me unhappy and heavy hearted and doesn't lead to anything productive. So I've found ways to handle my worry.

Sharing these with you here. I hope they help you worry less.

1. Become aware:

Becoming aware that you are worrying is key. Often, we just flow with the negative thoughts without realizing what we are doing. If you become aware that you are worrying, that's half the battle won. Pro tip: When I become aware that I am worrying & the worry is irrational/ out of my control, I decide to ignore the worry. Note that the ignoring is conscious decision. Of course, its not easy to ignore the worries that loom large but when you realize it's just a worry, you can decide to ignore it & move on.

When do you worry more?

  • When I feel tired, drained, exhausted

  • When I feel rested, happy and energetic

2. Raise your energy:

We worry more when we are low energy. If you are tired, take a nap, rest. Stepping out for a walk, exercising & moving your body & immersing yourself in an activity you like are other ways to raise your energy.

3. Replace your worry with Trust & Courage:

Remind yourself of the past instances where you worried but things turned out okay. Replace your worry with trust - that things will be alright & courage - to go through it if they don't.

4. Meditate:

Mediation not only raises your energy and calms your mind, but it also brings a distance from the situation you are going through so that you can look at it from a clear perspective. It frees you from worry and gives you clarity on how to move forward.


If I am being generous, I can concede that worrying may have some benefits occasionally for eg. encouraging you to prepare well for an interview or waking you up before the alarm for an early morning flight.

However, for most of us the energy deficit created by worrying is far more detrimental than any small benefits we gain from it. So if you have to worry, limit it to 5 minutes a day and no more. If you are worrying beyond 5 minutes a day, try these simple techniques and let me know which one worked best for you.

Wishing you a worry free day!


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