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5 Life lessons from the Ocean

What the Ocean taught me!

Over the last year, I have spent many evenings walking by the Ocean.

The Ocean is generous.

It gives us a place to play, swim, surf and sail into its depths. At the beach, people relax, take selfies, fish, exercise and heal.

The planet's balance exists because of the Ocean. It provides a home to a multitude of plants, animals and ecosystems we are still discovering.

Over the course of this year, I've learnt a lot from the Ocean.

Here are 5 of those lessons. Hope they inspire you as well.

1. You can be in the same place, look the same and yet be new every moment. Being new, starting fresh doesn't need you to go anywhere. Focus inwards and you will find you are new every day.

As I walk by the Ocean, its the same every day. The same beach, crashing waves. But the water is not the same. Over the course of a day, each moment actually, the waves bring new water to the shore. Water at the shore is pulled back in. Even being in the same place, the Ocean is always new.

So are we.

2. Its okay to rise and fall. You will rise again. Think of the tides, how they relentlessly rise and fall. Our minds, bodies and days follow the same rhythm.

I like the low tide.

The water goes back, exposing the flat beach with damp packed sand which is a pleasure to walk on.

The high tide is more fun to jump in the

waves, let them douse you.

Each day, the Ocean rises and falls. Our energy, appetite, breath and mood also rises and falls. Relationships too. This cycle is endless. Low tide gives way to high and high to low. When you are in your low tide, don't despair. You will rise again. High tide is not far behind.

3. Be Magnanimous. If you are big, shelter & nourish others.

How big is the Ocean? Standing at its shore, you can only see water till the horizon. It tickles my imagination to think the Ocean's other end (Atlantic in my case) is lapping the shores of Africa and Europe.

With its vastness, comes magnanimity. From the birds that get their food from the small creatures waves deposits on the beach, to the dolphins that swim in its depths, the Ocean provides sustenance and shelter to so many. This extends to even those who don't live in it aka humans and other land creatures.

If you are big in life, you've achieved a lot, have a lot... provide shelter to others. It may not be always be a physical shelter. It could be an emotional shelter, mentorship, kindness and friendliness.

4. Exist for your own self and not to please anyone else. Then, your very presence becomes a source of joy for others.

What I love about the Ocean besides its vastness is its independence. It is its own being...comfortable and powerful in it's nature. Existing just because it is. In it's existence, so many people find joy.

The Ocean inspires me to exist in my own nature. To live authentically. Being true to who I am. Knowing that if I live true to who I am, what is mine will come to me. That I will find joy just because I live in my true self. My true self is the source of joy. When we live in the joy that comes from being true to who we are, we become a source of joy for others.

5. The world, time and waves are always moving, always changing

If you have ever stood by the Ocean for a few minutes, you would have noticed the relentless movement of waves. It never stops.

Its been going on for centuries. If you need a visual proof of that the world is changing every moment, just look at the waves, hear their roar. They will remind you everything is constantly changing. The world, time .... and you.

To the powerful and magnanimous Ocean.

May you continue to shelter us, protect us and inspire us.


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