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The case for being happy first

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

A while ago, I wrote this short poem about being happy first.

Since then, we have experienced (and continue to experience) a pandemic. So, it may seem harder than usual to be happy, but I think 'Be Happy First' still holds true.

Be Happy First!

This sentiment can feel impossible, unnecessary or plain ridiculous at times.

How can we talk about happiness when so much in the world needs fixing? How can we talk about happiness when life is a series of problem solving scenarios? How can we talk about our happiness, when we need to take care of our kids, parents and family members? Shouldn't their happiness matter more? Also, who has time to think about my happiness? I am way too busy.

Ah! I hear you.

The struggles of daily life, social justice issues that surround us, the fear and anxiety around our health, can all seem so daunting at times. A pursuit of happiness can seem impossible or even selfish.

But it isn't!


The case for being happy first!

Your smile is like an instagram filter that makes everything lighter, juicier and prettier. Wouldn't you want to go through life being happy, rather than being sad? But instead of waiting for everything to fall in place before you become happy, being happy first allows you to bring your life in order, and have fun while doing it.

Your happiness is like superpower that allows you to sail through challenges, stay motivated and uplift others around you. When do you handle challenges better? When you are happy & energetic or when you are sad and tired? When you are happy right? So instead of being happy after the challenges are solved, be happy first, so you can solve the problems with ease, calm and - you guessed it - a smile.

Being happy is not selfish, its actually necessary to improve the world around us.

You can only give what you have. Securing your happiness means you can share it with others. The world needs happiness. And if you can't make everyone happy, make yourself happy. By doing so, you will inspire others to follow your lead, and do the same.


How to be happy first!?

By recognizing it is within you. And tapping into tools like meditation to find the inner strength you need to smile in difficult times. If you need support to meditate, come join me for a class. Book here.


And finally the poem that started it all.

Be Happy First!

Waiting for problems to end,

wanting to be happy when they do,

running in an endless race,

against time, against life, my own mind.

Problems will end when they want,

Be happy first!

People provoking you.

Even the nice ones,

snapping at you, coz they aren’t

all that, all the time.

People will fix themselves.

When they want, if they want.

You will leave them behind soon.

Be happy first!

Waiting for that perfect moment,

When your to-do list is complete.

And you feel accomplished,

Loved, admired and adored.

Then putting your feet up,

Resting in equanimity,

you will be happy.

That moment did come,

But you forgot.

It will come again.

But be happy first.

Waiting for that everything to be ideal,

For problems to be solved,

Things to be done.

To be rested,

To be focused,

To be healthy.

Imprisoning the happiness in a myriad of conditions,

Let go, they may happen or not.

Even if they do,

You will want more.

So drop it all.

Breath will stop soon,

Be happy first!

You will want more.

So drop it all.

Breath will stop soon,

Be happy first!


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