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Want more time in your day? Meditate!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

“I dont have time!” How often have you said it out loud while declining a commitment?

“I just dont have the time!”

How many times have you said it to yourself when you wanted to do something extra. Maybe read a book, meet friends, or sleep in a little more.

We only have 24 hrs in the day and so much to do.

How much you accomplish in a day is not only a factor of time & your task list, but also another essential element -YOU!

How focused you are, how fast you move through things, how many mistakes you make, and how often you have to redo things - all of these make a difference.

You are the actor of all your actions. The state you are in makes a huge difference to how much you can do in a day.

Imagine a day when you didn't get enough sleep the night before. Doesn't it feel like you are moving through molasses?

The mind is foggy, mistakes happen, and not much gets done.

And then imagine another day when you had a good night’s rest, you are feeling well and energetic. You breeze through your day & get some extra things done too.

You know the difference in those two days?

You. Your state of mind and your energy.

Both days have 24 hours in them, and your list was probably the same length.

But the state of your mind made a difference.

Lets examine our lives. As we grow older, our list of things to do only grows. Until we retire (or even after), our responsibilities keep growing. The time in a day stays the same.

We need to optimize our energy level and keep the mind clear, so that we can keep up with the increasing demands on our time.
This is where meditation comes in. Meditation also takes time. But it's one of the very few things you do in day that actually give you back time.

How do I mean give back time? Let me share.

How meditation gives you back time

1. A benefit of meditation is improved attention.

Meditation improves both short term and sustained attention. The impact can be seen after a few days of meditation and is more significant with duration of practice. Meditation has also been shown to have a positive impact on working memory and executive functioning.

If we can pay sustained attention to tasks, we can get through them faster and with less mistakes. Work gets done faster, and you have more time to play.

2. Meditation creates a beginner's mindset.

People who meditate, have been shown to approach complex situation and find novel solutions to the same problems. Reduction in cognitive rigidity and increased adaptability can help you solve problems effectively and easily.

3. Meditation provides a deep rest to the mind.

People who meditate also share that they are less anxious, less stressed and less tired. Participants in a study showed reduced fatigue after as few as 4 sessions of meditation.

When anxiety, stress and fatigue rule our day, its hard to be clear and in the moment. The more clear & alert you are, less distracted you are. You can get through things faster. You are more present for the yourself and the people around you. Not only can you get more done in a short period of time, you enjoy it more.

Meditation provides rest & focus to the mind. A clear mind can understand more efficiently, solve problems better, and get more done faster. When you can get more done in a shorter period of time, you gain more time in your life. Not only that, you also enjoy what you are doing more.

30 minutes of meditation can make the rest of 1410 minutes in the day more available to you.

You don't need prior experience to feel the benefits of meditation. Benefits start appearing in your life within a few days of meditation, although most people say they feel better right away. Come join me for a guided meditation class, and start your journey with meditation today!

See you online!


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