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It doesn't matter if you fall...

Biking Chronicles part 2* So I fell down while biking ... again.

This time it was pretty bad. I can count 6 bruises on me.

But, I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

My husband, Deepak, recently got into biking. He got us electric bikes, gear, the whole kit and kaboodle. He has been biking quite regularly. I have gone out four times so far, not including my practice session in a nearby parking lot, which was quite hilarious by all accounts.

This time, we were biking on Columbia Trail- a gorgeous wide gravel path flanked by trees on one side and a stream on the other. It was peaceful and cool, and all was going well. Then came a treacherous up slope, I was able to negotiate it. Then a down slope, no problem. Then a down slope and a turn together. This time I was not able to keep my balance. My bike veered to the edge of the trail and I fell down. I broke my fall with my left hand, and the bike fell on top of me.

I don't remember how I got up. Deepak, who was ahead of me, stopped and came over to where I was. He asked me if I was okay, and I, using sarcasm to hide my embarrassment, quipped, of course I was.

He picked up the bike and started fixing the front wheel and handle, while I, quite shaken, found a tall rock on the other side of the trail and leaned against it.

"I dont want to do this anymore, I want to go home", I wailed like a small child, teary eyed, shaken and thoroughly embarrassed. Deepak, ever patient, agreed, "Okay we will turn around". We had biked about 3 miles by this time.

A thought flashed through my mind. "Am I giving up?", I asked myself. "What would I say to my child if they had fallen down? Would I be happy if they gave up and turned around? If they surrendered to a small obstacle, small defeat?"

"Of course not", I answered. So I crossed over to where Deepak was fixing the bike.

"Lets continue."

"Are you sure?" Deepak asked.

"Yes" I said.

So, we got on our bikes and rode deeper into the forest, till we hit a road and felt it was time to turn around.

On the way back, I realized, it’s not falling that matters, what matters is if you give up.

Everyone falls. Show me one person who has ridden a bike, surfed the waves, or learnt a sport, who hasn’t fallen down a few times. Everyone falls. It’s how this game is played. What matters is if you give up or keep going.

Same thing applies to life. Any action, any idea, especially if it’s new, has a chance of failure. Not just for novices, but also for those experienced in the field. A great cook can still burn the dish occasionally.

You may fail. But will you give up? That's what important. Again, it's not failing that matters, what matters is what you do after. Give up? Or keep going?

No great invention, or creation was achieved without some failure. Don't give up, neither due to the fear of failure, nor due to the disappointment of failure, if and when that happens.

The world won't remember our failures, we won't either, if we don't give up. But if we give up, that’s all we will remember. We will miss out, and so will the world.

We finished our 8 mile ride and drove home. Unhealed bruises mark my body, but my spirit is happy that I didn't stop, pause or give up. I continued. I didn't let that small obstacle overpower me. I won over fear, embarrassment, desire to stay in the comfort zone and disappointment.

Now, sitting at my laptop, as I work through my list of things to do, some mundane, some of them precious ideas and dreams, I have to remind myself, 'It doesn't matter if I fail. What matters is that I don't give up.’

It's so easy to give up. To sit on our dreams, scared of failure. Well, now I don't feel afraid. Failure is a chance I have to take. What matters is that I don’t give up; today due to fear, or later due to disappointment.

Can you promise me that you too wont give up?

Gorgeous uncharted bike paths await both of us.

Here's a video of a stream that runs along side the bike path.

*PS I havent published the part 1 of the chronicles yet. Coming soon :)


Lara Gupta
Lara Gupta
Jul 08, 2021

Yes, so true! Columbia Trail awaits for me too! I got the bike and I am now waiting for the bike rack to be attached to my car! No more falling for you, though! ❤️☀️☀️☀️


P Shah
P Shah
Jul 08, 2021

Such a wonderful message written in such simple words 👍👍

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