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5 ways to boost your mental health

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The state of mind has a huge impact on the quality of life.

That's why if you are bothered about a work issue, you cannot enjoy your time at home. And if you are worried about stuff at home., your productivity at work can go down.

We carry our mind everywhere we go.

Its important to take care of this precious asset that profoundly affects your life, relationships and self esteem.

Shared below are five ways to boost your mental health.

By no means is this an exhaustive list. There are so many ways we can boost our mental health. The key to good mental health is to remember to use one of these methods when we have the need. And secondly believe that it is possible for us to feel better, however down we may be feeling.

5 ways to boost your mental health

1. Meditation

Meditation is a well established method to boost mental health.

Benefits of meditation include decrease in stress, anxiety and depression; better focus, enhanced attention, and an improvement in the perceived quality of life. Meditation helps the executive functioning of the brain, and is shown to prevent the age related thinning of grey matter - keeping the brain sharp and agile with age.

More importantly meditation provides a much needed pause to the mind. In this pause, the mind rests and the body heals. The deep quiet of meditation has a nourishing effect on the mind.

Whether you are starting out or have meditated before, you can experience the depth of meditation in one of my guided meditation classes. I’ve designed these classes specifically to get the most out in a short period of time. Sign up for a class today and experience a calm and clear mind.

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2. Focus on your breath

The act of breathing is always in the present moment. We cannot breathe for yesterday or for tomorrow. We can only breathe for this moment, right now.

When we bring attention to the breath, we become grounded in the present moment. The mind that is wandering all over the place, becomes focused. It connects to the Now.

Bringing your attention to the breath during the day whenever you can remember, helps you be grounded and focused throughout the day. It can also help overcome anxiety, worry and negative thoughts and emotions.

PS join one of our guided meditation classes to learn a few breathwork techniques you can use anytime during the day.

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3. Connect with others

We are built for connection. From the time of cave men and women, humans ha