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The Catch 22 of Meditation

Do you know about the Catch 22 of Meditation? The busier you are...the more pressed for time you are, the harder it is to make time for meditation. And yet that's when you need to meditate the most. Most of us postpone meditating when we are pressed for time.

But meditation is our opportunity to truly rest the mind.

When we don't meditate, we stay tired. Productivity spirals down, stress comes up, we take longer to do small things, happiness diminishes, sleep vanishes, worry and anxiety come up....sounds familiar?

Only if you did take the time to meditate when you are super busy, you would be able to not only relax and clear your mind, but also be more productive and gain time.
So the lesser time you think you have to meditate, the greater your need to meditate.

So, don't postpone your meditation. Don't leave it as the last thing to do on your list.

Give meditation the highest priority as you give to work, family and fun. Because meditation helps you be best, most alive, you.

And you are important.

Put yourself on your priority list with meditation :)

Join me for a guided meditation this week.

Whether you are adept at doing it on your own, or enjoy the support of guided meditation, meditating together with a teacher in a group has a unique powerful flavor.

Gift peace & productivity to yourself. Meditate with me.


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